Chaos Force Records and The Desolate are joining forces to re-release The Desolate’s phenomenal album “The Great Departure”. This fist pounding, head banging monster of an album, will take you on a journey through of terror and brutality. Beautifully mixed and mastered ‘The Great Departure” will not disappoint fans who enjoy technical death metal in the vein of Death, Athiest, and Cynic. 


“3205. Planet Earth.

It was a somber time for the once lush and fertile planet. Depleting ozone layers had forced Earth’s temperature to escalate dramatically, causing devastation to those living amongst the surface. Rapidly diminishing natural resources and deadly solar radiation gripped the planet, threatening all forms of life.

Intergalactic trading of goods had become a necessity for the faltering planet, allowing the ruthless centralized government to seize control of all resources. A vain acquisition, as it quickly become evident that the future of the planet was grim regardless of their interference. The task of locating a hospitable planet became the only objective.
Two individuals were selected to man the task, chosen not only for their brilliance but also for a multitude of accomplishments in their respected fields: Dr. Gabriel Frostt, medical doctor, geneticist – in charge of creating a human clone capable of teraforming a planet; Dr. Magnus Temple, engineer, inventor – tasked with designing and constructing a ship capable of deep space travel at light speed.

Time was limited, people continued to perish in the harsh circumstances, the doctors labored intensively over their assignments. Frostt soon creating a being which possessed the necessary skills to survive in hostile environments. A being which could, with the help of Temple’s highly advanced evolutionary acceleration hyper sleep chambers, develop while the doctors traveled into the greater unknown. This humanoid was the perfect worker, the solution to the crisis Earth was facing. This being quickly became known as the “Sentinel”.

The completion of the spaceship marked the beginning of their journey together – Dr. Frostt, Dr. Temple, and their crew of silent, slumbering Sentinels. In the early hours of dawn on a day no different than any other, unbeknownst to the dwellers of the deteriorating planet, the doctors set to depart on the secret mission they had been assigned. Although none knew of the mission, the success of the doctors’ was nonetheless paramount for all.

This was Project Great Departure.”


Jorge Jacinto – Album Cover Art
Jordan Wesely – Album Layout Design/Logo
Tim Wardlow – Recording Producer/Engineer

Bandcamp https://thedesolatemetal.bandcamp.com