Principium is a progressive metal band hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah. Formed in May of 2015 they began creating some of the most epic heavy metal I have heard in a long time. Masterfully combining classic heavy metal with epic melodies and beautifully delivered lyrics.  Drawing from high fantasy such as Game of Thrones as their lyrical content that any power metal freak can appreciate.

Chaos Force Records is lucky enough to join forces with these lords of rite metal to bring forth their debut EP entitled “A Crown of Ashes”. “A Crown of Ashes” is now available in the Chaos Force Shop! Be sure to snag you copy asap as there are only a few copies left. HAIL AND KILL!



John Yelland – Vocals
Robby Pinelle – Guitars
Mike Murphy – Guitars
Spencer Winward – Bass
Casey Frederick – Drums