Alpha Viper was a elite Heavy Metal force. Shredding with the influences of Queensryche, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Candlemass.They were formed in 2014 in Portland Or. Shortly after their formation they released their debut EP entitled Satanic Serpent Seduction, Available now only from CHAOS FORCE RECORDS.

Alpha Viper featured band members from various local Portland OR bands which included Spellcaster, Excruciator, Maniak, Raptor, and Magnabolt Alpha Viper is truly a supergroup of Portland OR heavy metal. They created a unique blend of power, speed, doom and classic sounding heavy metal to conjure a sound all their own.

It was foretold that these warriors would meet again in the distant future. Alas, until that time comes we can only dream and listen to SATANIC SERPENT SEDUCTION!

Tommy Tomahawk – Vokills
Chris “The Beast” Birkle – Guitar
Sebastian Silva – Guitar Destroyer
Andrew Sylvia -Bass
Meshach Attack – Drums