Seven Kingdoms are one of those bands that can be dormant for years, and yet be once again reborn from the ashes of power metal every time they release a new album. This holds true with the band’s latest release ‘Decennium” which has been “turned to eleven” for listeners and may very well be the best album to date by the band. While the last album ‘The Fire is Mine” was indeed a powerful album, the newest album definitely shows the band giving it their all. Having successfully crowdfunded this newest piece of art, Seven Kingdoms are driving their swords into the land first as we begin our journey into the new year full of music .

Having a good solid ten tracks, this album wastes little time jumping into full power! As a whole, the band definitely give their listeners the ultimate power metal anthem feel, which coincides nicely with a melting pot of choruses, heavy drum beats, speeding riffs, and a harmonic and rythmic foundation provided by the bass. This perfect blend provided within this album is what defines US Power Metal.
The album has many notable tracks, but there are a few that outshine the rest. For those familiar with the band’s running theme of A Song of Ice and Fire, one might notice a few tracks on the album pertaining to the series. One of those tracks titled “Kingslayer” tells tale of how Jaime Lannister earned the title when he betrayed Aerys Targaryen (The Mad King) during the sack of King’s Landing. This track alone has a chorus that is packed full of emotion that really brings the listener into the story and makes them feel as if they were witnessing the downfall of the Mad King.

Another track that stands out is “The Faceless Hero”. Any Potterheads out there will instantly recognize the tale being told. It is about Severus Snape The Half Blood Prince who is honored here with this song as the hero he truly was in the series with a fast paced and emotional song regarding his neverending love for Lily Potter. With the recent passing of the late Alan Rickman, this song really hits hard for fans of both novel and film. This is a track that will be a favorite. Always.

While it is never wise to judge a book by its cover, or in this case an album, the artwork alone draws in any fans of the genre. Artist Dusan Markovic, who is widely known for his work in fantasy, created a whole world of creatures, colors, and dreams that is a beautiful smorgasbord for fans to gaze upon as they are transported to another land. The band has recently made many statements on this subject with quotes such as “The colors maaannnnn” to show their appreciation and love for it. The colors indeed help sell the album for the pure art side alone. Portland’s Tanagra had a similiar style cover on their debut “None of This is Real” that was released in 2015 and fans absolutlely loved it.

Overall this album is full of extremely powerful songs, beautiful lyricism, and talented musicianship. This will be on the rite heavy metal rotation for MANY years to come! Thank you Seven Kingdoms, DECENNIUM is what us metal freaks need to get this year 2017 started out RITE!

For fans of Blind Guardian, Tanagra, Helloween, and Gamma Ray.

Album Rating 4.5/5

-Travis Sigler

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