Welcome back shred heads! Today we are shredding the shred with our newest Chaos Force Records allies The Desolate. We will be re-releasing their monster masterpiece “The Great Departure” later next month! They are one of the hardest working bands I know. Playing constant gigs, writing, rehearsing and preparing to record their next forthcoming album.

To start things off first, tell us a little bit about the bands history. How did you warriors cross paths to create this shred factory that is THE DESOLATE ?

The Desolate: Well, it all started back in the year 2008 in Burlington, Iowa. Nick (Guitar) and D.C (Guitar) had been working together in metal bands for a few years prior, along side ex-bassist Alex Potter. The Vocalist working with them at the time was Jared *Skippy* Lee. After having trouble finding a suitable drummer to work with, Jared contacted Clayton (Drummer) whom he had previously worked with in a another project. Clayton at this time was working with his cousin Eric Sanderson and were also in need of more members for the project they were working on. After Clayton and Nick spoke on the phone, we all met and decided to start a new project together. Within a very short period of time and with many considerations, we named ourselves “The Desolate”. Soon after though, Jared and Eric went their separate ways and Nick and D.C decided to take over doing vocals for simplicities sake. Within 3-4 months we had written our first record “Trapped in Twilight”! We all realized we had the same goal and were dedicated enough to that goal and ourselves that we went balls first into it as quickly as we could! Hahaha Four years later we released our second record “Gospel of the Wretched”. It was during that time when conflicts in the band forced us to bring Josh (Bass) in to replace Alex. Josh, although trained in bass, had been playing guitar for years with his friend Ben Robinson in a couple projects. They had been friends with Nick and D.C for years and Nick knew that Josh could not only fill Alex’s shoes but bring a whole new pair to the game. After a few talks, Josh was in. This is where we began writing our third record “The Great Departure” and The Desolate became what it is today.

I know you guys took a big risk not to long ago moving all the way to the Portland OR area. How was that transition? How does the metal scene compare to where you guys came from?

The Desolate: Coming from the Midwest United States, Iowa to be more specific, the transition was crazy but amazing. It’s quite different here in the Northwest but we love it. For example, we played more shows in our first year here than within the first 6 years we were a band in Iowa. We were moving much faster than we were used to but had all the motivation and ambition to do so, so it fun as hell! The venues and cities were just so spread out in the Midwest and the metal scene was small within the cities, almost non-existent outside of them. One of the best things about playing music is playing shows but sadly, metal shows were hard to come by compared to here in the Northwest. The bands and people were always great to play with and hangout with though, no matter where we were. So it may have been hard being a metal band in Iowa but the experiences were all worth it. The music scene here in the Northwest is out of this world compared the Midwest and we were welcomed with open arms into it. There are so many great bands and opportunities here and we can’t thank the people and bands enough. We are very happy that we moved. Sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes to get where you want to go.

Who are some of your favorite local Portland OR bands that you have shared the stage with? What bands would you guys like to play with in the future? (national acts/smaller acts/etc.)

The Desolate: Jahai, Separation of Sanity, and Sabatuer are just a few of the countless awesome bands that we’ve gotten to play with in Portland but there’s so many talented and creative musicians. Getting to hear and see how they put their music together in different ways makes playing shows with different local bands a great experience almost every time.
It may be a far reach but we would love to share the stage with Black Dahlia Murder, Despised Icon, Cannibal Corpse, and Metallica. Any one of them! Maybe even all of them on one stage maybe?

Now for the most overused question used by every music interviewer ever. Haha, What are you guy’s influences? What forces play a part in creating THE DESOLATES sound?

The Desolate: At first, we all were influenced by the 80’s thrash bands Slayer, Metallica, and Megadeth of course. But as we started discovering different music and extreme genres metal, we all found many other bands that influenced us heavily, in one way or another. Nick found “Death”, D.C found Jason Becker, Josh discovered “Despised Icon” and “Dream Theater” and Clayton gained a lot of interest in “Dir En Grey”. But we could never truly be honest in saying that only a couple metal bands influenced us. We all know that every band and musician that we’ve ever heard, that we enjoyed, played a part in what is now “The Desolate”.

For all the music techs and instruments nerds can you guys give us a quick run through of some of your favorite gear that you use/prefer and why?

Nick: Jackson Guitar, EMG Pickups, Peavy Amplifier, Celestion 4×10 Speakers, D’addario Strings, Jim Dunlop Tortex .88mm Pre-Sharpened picks,

D.C.: Jackson Guitar, EMG Pickups 81-85 Combo, Peavy Amplifier, Celestion 4×10 Speakers, D’addario Strings, Jim Dunlop Tortex .88mm Pre-Sharpened picks

Josh: Ibanez BTB 6-String Bass Guitar, Carvin R1000 Amplifier, Crate 2×15 Cabinet, D’addario Strings, and Jim Dunlop Nylon .88mm picks

Clayton: 9-piece Tama Swingstar drumkit, Aquarian drumheads, Ahead and Promark drumsticks, and an assortment of different brand cymbals

We also use Shure 58-A vocal microphones.

Last but not least. Who is one band that you would kick in the nuts? What is one band that you would take out to go see big bozongas and other assorted greasy activities with?

The Desolate: Sadly it would probably have to be “In Flames”. We all have loved and will love In Flames for years but haven’t be so enthusiastic about there last few albums. We hope them the best. Hahaha
We definitely would be going to do some hood-rat shit with Micheal Jackson.

To find out more about THE DESOLATE and get the latests news from these shred freaks check out the links below! DO IT PUNK!

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/TheDesolate/

Bandcamp – https://thedesolatemetal.bandcamp.com

Reverbnation – https://www.reverbnation.com/thedesolatemetal

Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8g-yg2eenOBCPMsEkStpdw