Four long years have passed since the phenomenal band Seven Kingdoms have released new music. In that time, they have been practicing, tuning, and sharpening up their sound to release new music for their fans who have been anxiously waiting. Seven Kingdoms fully crowdfunded their new EP entitled “In the Walls” and album this past summer and ravens have taken flight with word from Florida. The time now has come just as winter begins to lay her icy grasp upon the lands. Seven Kingdoms have returned.

Travis Sigler of Chaos Force Records got an exclusive interview with the band’s vocalist Sabrina Cruz and they chatted about the upcoming music that Seven Kingdoms will bestow upon the lands.

T – How does the upcoming album surpass those before it?

~S Our newest material is more mature in every way. We have spent a lot of time to make this the best representation of Seven Kingdoms to date.

T – What is specifically unique in comparison?

~S Honestly, I think it is the sound of Seven Kingdoms that is unique. Our other Cd’s still have the “sound” but now we have fully, evolved into what we believe is to be our true sound.

T – What does Seven Kingdoms personally mean to you?

~S Seven Kingdoms means family, friends and the hope of following dreams. It is something I have prayed, cried and bled for. Something that gave me a chance, and more adventure in 10 years than most get in a life time. I feel blessed because as a little girl I always wanted to sing, and with Seven Kingdoms I do, and even better.. with my husband and best friends too.

T – How does the band reflect who you are as a person and how far you have come since the start of this path?

~S Well, who I really am is a dork.. and to be in a Power Metal band you have to be one notch off, so I win that argument lol. Seven Kingdoms has given me the exposure over time to feel more confident in who I am, though I’m sure as it is with everyone, self acceptance has always been my life’s struggle. Over time I’ve learned that I truly am someone great, that has yet to present all of my amazing gifts. I just need to give myself a break and try to enjoy life instead of worrying.

T – It’s no surprise that the band is heavily influenced by the series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. What is your favorite story arch in the series and will we will hearing more related songs on the new album?

~ S Honestly I don’t have a favorite, I just love it as a whole. Each story, character and song has it’s own magic. We will have 3 GOT songs on the EP: ‘Undying, ‘The Bloody Meadow’, and ‘Stormborn’. On the album we will have 3 more which will feature ‘Kingslayer’, ‘Castles In The Snow’ and of course ‘Undying’.


T – Lyrically and instrumentally, how has the band evolved into the Seven Kingdoms we see today?

~S We started to pay attention to how the words of a song can be so much more impactful if put with a song that represents the feeling. We want the words to move with the music and to be worth reading.
Can you tell us the process the band had/has gone through in preparation for the new album?

T – How is it different from past methods?

~S This album has been in the works for years. The guys started writing new songs even before we went on tour with Stratovarius and Amaranthe. This one took a long time, and I believe the love and cooing we have put in to each song, will be felt and heard. Even when we thought we were done, the universe made us give it one more check before we called the song finished.

T – Can we expect a tour in 2017?

~S We have a few opportunities coming up for next year already, though the details at this current moment are still a little grey.

T – What is a personal goal/challenge that you have that you wish to incorporate into the band in the future?

~S Honestly for us, it is to see our hard work pay off. We do not have unrealistic hopes as life has always thrown its curve balls in, but we are hopeful that eventually our hard work will be noticed. Every project we have released, we have tried our very best to be better than the last. I truely believe if you took a listen adventure through our catalog, you will in fact hear just that.

T – What is your favorite Seven Kingdoms song that you have sung to date? Why?

~S Man, Honestly it’s hard to pick one. I’ll tell you my song loves, because there is too many:
* The Bloody Meadow
* Stormborn
* Wolf in Sheep’s Clothes
* Seven Kingdoms
* Fragile Minds Collapse
* The King in the North
The reason for these songs is they always received an immense amount of crowd participation or I would hear how much the song moved someone. It’s more enjoyable to sing something that moves someone than to just sing a song because I like it.



T – What has been the most difficult process so far with the new album?

~S The most difficult part of dealing with the album has been dealing with life. Lol. But because things happened just the way they did, I believe it made the album better as a whole. Like the story of the Piece of Wood and the Carpenter…Though the many stages of sanding and being chipped away at hurt or was uncomfortable, the end result was more beautiful than we could ever imagined. Jim Morris was a major part of our ability to achieve the final project we have. It’s amazing how much better something you love can be if those who are working with you on it, love it just as much. He really put his heart in it along with us, because at this point he is like family and truly wants to see us succeed. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to tell him just how much that means to me.

T – What is your favorite track on the new album?

~S I don’t know. They are all so good, at this point I’ll have to marinade on it for a few months… Lol. Maybe I’ll know when we go on tour, because that’s when a song has the chance to show its magic.

T – I just want to give a warm thanks to Sabrina for taking the time to partake in an interview with us and for being an awesome friend over the years. For all you who are obsessed with power metal, be sure to check out the new tunes that are coming your way soon!

-Travis Sigler September 8th, 2016

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