Alright warriors, who have pledged their allegiance to the forces of chaos, listen up! I was finally able to ask the almighty ax attack shredder Nikki Krimson of the rite heavy metal band Sanctifyre. Sanctifyre have a new track entitled “Roadrunner” featured on the upcoming Chaos Force Rite Heavy Metal Vol 1. compilation album. We were able to find out what makes this monster madman Nikki Krimson tick and bust out those tasty shred licks!


First off thanks for talking with us! What most shred heads want to know is what your current guitar and rig set up is?

Right now I have a LTD EX350 that I run through a Peavey VK100 and an old, fuzzy, Fender 4×12 cab. It’s cheap, but it gets a good enough tone, and I can gig with it.

Very rad. Let’s talk about some of your guitar influences. Who is your greatest inspiration when it comes to your playing style?

I would say my greatest inspiration on guitar would have to be Jason Becker. But in my playing style I hear more of a mix of Glenn Tipton, David Murray, and a little Yngwie on some of the faster licks.

What kind of guitar enhancing supplements do you take to shred so fast?

For fast shredding, you really just gotta finger bang your friends sisters. It really helps build up finger muscles. And don’t be afraid to use all ten. Even that thumb can come in handy.

(*Laughs*) Those are some great tips! Now what our fans really want to know is about how many chickens can you eat in one sitting?

Usually on a good day, I can put away one whole chicken. But if they’re cut into portions, then it’s probably more like

Can we expect a full length album from Sanctifyre any time soon?

Sanctifyre is currently working on material for a 6, maybe 7 song EP. We expect it to be out sometime late this Summer.

What bands/albums have you been spinning lately?

My main jams lately have pretty much just been a lot of old school Helloween, Apocrypha, and Vicious Rumors.

What bands/albums do you want to kick in the nuts?

If I could kick a band in the nuts… I think Manowar, surprisingly enough. They’re calling it quits, so I’m a little hurt by that.

As you guys begin to do full on touring what are some places you would like to play/visit?

Actually, Wyatt and I have been talking about hopefully being able to play a small bar show in Bisbee, Arizona, just so we can hang with Doug Stanhope. But other than that, we want to go wherever people want true Metal.

You can find out even more about Nikki Krimson and the members of Sanctifyre by checking out the links below. SHRED!
-Chaos Force Chris