Blitzkrieg – A Time Of Changes

Track Listing
1. Ragnarok Inferno
2. Blitzkrieg
3. Pull The Trigger (Satan Cover)
4. Armageddon
5. Hell To Pay
6. Vikings
7. A Time Of Changes
8. Saviorur

The fighting surrounds you; battle has begun. You hear the screams of cowering, the last tribulations before death. The clanging of iron echoes, the clash of swords is endless and you are left standing alone. The new world order has begun the old Gods are no more. This is Ragnarok, and Blitzkrieg is its author.

Welcome to Blitzkrieg’s 1985 album “ A time of Changes”. An album that is indeed a feast for the ears, and does not disappoint to a fan of the  classic 1980’s culmination of thrash instrumentals and power vocals from Brian Singer ( also of the band Satan).

“A Time of Changes” could almost certainly be a nod to norse mythology; so in many ways I took the progression of songs as a journey. We begin in war with the introduction of “Ragnarok” and ends with sweet salvation in the musical stylings of “Savior”.  The album does not dissapoint with lyrical story-telling and from the beginning it seems as though each track was placed  as to tell the story of battle. For example the opening track of “Inferno”  rings;

“Fireball mushroom cloud,
Heat-wave heat over ground,
Wind of death, melt my eyes,
Wall of sound drown my cries”

“Inferno” sets the tone of Blitzkreig : Relentless,  no-nonsense guitar riffs .

However the track which most stand out as the quintessential sing-along head banger, is “ Pull the Trigger”.  Written with Singer’s previous band “ Satan”  , “Pull the Trigger”  offers a breakpoint in the album for listeners to process all of the previous heavy shredding heard at the beginning.

But let’s get back to battle shall we?

Here begins “ Armageddon” a track which brings us right back into the bloody reborn field of what is Ragnarok. The lyrics of armageddon create a story of the impending recreation of the world, and this why I believe that the entirety of the album is a retelling of the legend of Ragnorok.

“The sky will be red and the ground will shake, The day of Judgement has come”.

Yes, Blitzkreig judgement has come and the judgement is this: “Time of Changes” is glorious. Let the glory continue with “Vikings”.  Singer shows off his impressive range. Beginning as a ballad, we are hit the face with the impending shredding that the previous tracks displayed, followed by Singer’s  impressive use of pitch in the conclusion of “Vikings.”

But enough of the description. Getting down to it, this album deserves a lot more praise. Yes, it could be considered just another page in the power metal  playbook, but “Time of Changes” displays talented guitar work and  clean recording with lyrics that are worth following. So go out there and begin your journey with Blitzkrieg.  The new world order is taking a look back in time and you have surely won the battle if you listened to “ Time of Changes”.

-Sarah Skullcrusher Birkle
Chaos Force Records