Widower Destroys with The Unholy Oath.

Widower’s new album, “Unholy Oath,” dropped earlier this year and it is an excellent addition for their discography and the blackened thrash genre. This band from Austin, Texas starts this EP with a classic black metal brutality and picks up speed as the element of thrash starts to become more prominent throughout the album. Powerful vocals, shredding guitar, and explosive drumming envelope every second of every track. This is my first time listening to and reviewing a Widower album, and it certainly won’t be my last.

This album hits the ground running with the song, “Morose Delectation.” The killer black metal vocals immediately begin with evil guitar riffs and relentless drumming erupting behind them followed with a more classic sounding solo smack dab in the middle. All the while, the lyrics tell a wonderful story of the eternal torment of someone damned to the depths of hell. Listening to this song also has the added effect of wanting to leave all hope of salvation at the door.

The next song, “Immortal Lament,” keeps the momentum going with impunity and remorse. This song hits a special cord within me because I have often pondered the living hell of immortality. To listen to this song is to hear the anguish of an immortal doomed to walk this earth and watch all life decay into nothingness. I prefer this song over the first because the vocals are a bit more varied in this song, alternating from a higher pitched shrill to lower growls; and because the solo in this song is much faster and unforgiving.

My favorite track on this album is its final, “Whore Crusher.” By this part of the album the thrash virus has entered its final stage. The infection spreads to the entire band causing insane drum fills, solos shredding without fail, and the energy of the vocals reaching maximum capacity. Fair warning, playing this song at high volumes in populated areas may result in circle pits.

To conclude, Unholy Oath is an excellent installment in what I hope to be a lasting career from Widower. This album shows their talent and dedication to the music and its pays off in every song. I personally cannot wait to see Widower live and start the pit myself. Congratulations guys, this EP destroys.

-Connor Lee Sugino
Chaos Force Records