Band – Ambush
Album – Desecrator
Label – High Roller Records

One thing is certain, Ambush is here to kick major ass. These guys are fairly new but they definitely sound and act like seasoned metal veterans. Formed in 2013 Ambush keeps churning out some of the catchiest heavy metal I have heard in a long time. It’s no wonder they were picked up so quickly by High Roller Records.

Here we have their second full length release entitled Desecrator. This album is a solid effort combining Helloween harmonies and vocals with Scorpion style riffs and song structure. Who doesn’t like great harmonies and huge choruses ?! No one, that’s who. These warriors of metal open the gates swinging with a galloping riff of steel and fire on the opening track “Possessed by Evil.” Every song on this album is choicer than the choicest rib at the rib choice house. The final track “The Seventh Seal”  has great lyrics and is an excellent song to end on for this record. Really, all the lyrical content and massive choruses provide this album with real staying power.

The vocal technique of Oskar Jacobsson is phenomenal. He has really good control of his voice, excellent range and even does a few vocal “tricks” that definitely give these songs an extra kick. The vocals remind me a lot of Michael Kiske from Helloween and Unisonic. Olof Engkvist and Adam Hagelin on guitars definitely know how to bring the shred. These two tastefully combine technique and class when it comes to their soloing. No filler Kerry King shredding on this album. Ludwig Sjoholm on bass and Linus Fritzson round out this album by bringing in the heavy guns of the low end to the front of the lines at full force. Just from listening to this album I can tell that these guys are a solid unit and have a lot of fun shredding together.

The rest of the world needs to take note, because whatever it is Sweden knows what’s up when it comes to supplying us with some of the catchiest right choice fucking metal bands. If you haven’t done so give these guys a listen. Better yet, buy their fucking album! As always, stay heavy and support.

Standout Tracks include the title track “Desecrator”, “Faster” , and “The Seventh Seal”.

-The Beast

Ludwig Sjoholm – Bass
Linus Fritzson – Drums
Olof Engkvist – Guitars
Adam Hagelin – Guitars
Oskar Jacobsson – Vocals


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